Wm. Chocolate began in my home kitchen, where my passion for making nutritious, ethically sourced, delicious food from scratch spilled over into chocolate. Simply put, I couldn’t find a chocolate on the market that met my standards, so I decided to make it myself--all the way from raw cocoa bean to finished chocolate bar.

From the start, I knew I wanted a chocolate free of additives, fillers, and refined sweeteners. Once I started making chocolate, I was struck by the huge range of flavors in chocolates made with cocoa beans from different origins. My mission quickly expanded to making and sharing chocolate that celebrated these diverse flavors.

And so I turned part of my house into a miniature chocolate factory, working with cocoa beans from dozens of origins. After about 6 months and lots of problem solving, I had pinned down the process for making superb single-origin chocolate that also met my high standards for sourcing and nutrition.

In those early test-batch days, I wanted to share the chocolate to see if other people enjoyed the different origins as much as I did, so I would mold my finished chocolate into huge bars and break off thick chunks to give away. The chocolate was a hit, but this was not the easiest way to share and eat it. I soon invested in a set of molds that allowed me to produce smaller bars, which I’d wrap in paper stamped with my initials, “WM.” The label on the wrappers stuck, the chocolate continued getting rave reviews, and I became increasingly convinced that “Wm. Chocolate” could become a business.

My big opportunity came after nearly a year of making chocolate at home, when I was introduced to Jonny Hunter, culinary director for the Underground Food Collective in Madison. He quickly became a fan of my chocolate and helped me make it available to the public. Thanks to his help and the several local shops first selling my bars, Wm. Chocolate became official.

When you pick up a bar of Wm. Chocolate, expect origin-forward chocolate, made from premium cocoa beans and whole cane sugar purchased at fair prices, with no junk additives, processed gently to preserve the incredible natural character of the source ingredients.


-Will Marx, chocolate maker and founder



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