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Handmade rum-flavored single-origin chocolate bar. 2oz.

Limited first edition of 200 bars. SOLD OUT! Thank you.


Tasting Notes

rum, brown butter, mocha

Mellow chocolate with the sun-kissed warmth and sweetness of aged rum.


Origin Story

For this limited-edition bar, sustainably grown cacao from Wampusirpi, Honduras swims in Roaring Dan’s Rum before becoming buttery-smooth chocolate.

The rum, crafted by Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee, WI, takes its name from "Roaring" Dan Seavey, a pirate who plied the Great Lakes at the turn of the 20th century.

More on the process: this bar begins with sweet, nutty cacao beans from Honduras--the very same cacao featured in my sea salt and 100% bars.

Once the beans are roasted, cracked, and separated from their outer shells, they're known as "nibs." It's these nibs that I soak in copious amounts of rum: a full bottle of top-shelf, craft-distilled rum for every 40 bars worth of nibs.

After the nibs have drunk the last drops of rum, I slowly dry them back out. Drying concentrates the rum's flavors in the nibs, but removes all of the alcohol and water (making this a non-alcoholic chocolate bar).

Finally, the rum-flavored nibs are ground with whole cane sugar to make smooth 72% dark chocolate.


Enjoy With

rum (preferably Roaring Dan's), bourbon, malty beers, pancakes and waffles



cocoa beans, whole cane sugar* (origin: Americas), cocoa butter*, rum†

*certified organic †alcohol removed during processing


Origin Photo © Cacao Direct

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