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Honduras, Wampusirpi - 100% Dark Bar

$5.00 - $60.00

Product Info

Handmade single-origin chocolate bar. 1oz.

Visit my blog to read this bar's complete "making of" story.


Tasting Notes

walnut, elderberry, gruyere

A smooth, strong, and flavorful interpretation of 100% dark chocolate.

This bar is pure cacao--don't be surprised if you experience a buzz.


Origin Story

This bar’s cocoa comes from Wampusirpi, a remote northeastern district of Honduras. There the cocoa grows untouched by chemical agriculture--meaning these pristine beans are organic, despite lacking official certification paperwork. Their natural mildness makes for a 100% bar that is both stimulating and approachable.


Enjoy With

dark liquors (whiskey, scotch), dry red wines, pilsner beers, dried tart fruit, cheese platters

For more tips, see my guide to enjoying 100% dark chocolate.



cocoa beans


Origin Photo © Cacao Direct