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A collection of three handmade single-origin chocolate bars, chosen to present a range of flavors naturally present in cocoa. Choose from 1oz or 2oz bar sizes.


Origin Stories

Receive each of the following bars:

Ghana, certified ethical (75% dark): a favorite around the globe, roasted heavily for extra depth. Featuring notes of chocolate pudding and malt. (Rainforest Alliance certified)

Dominican Republic, Rizek Cacao, 2015 (85% dark): extra-dark and earthy, this bar offers an almost savory experience. Featuring notes of truffle, cream, and marshmallow.

Belize, Moho Valley, 2016 (68% dark): ultra smooth and gently fruity organic cocoa, presented at a lower percentage to highlight the fruit flavors. Featuring notes of blackberry, custard, and candied pineapple.

To learn more about these outstanding origins, visit each bar's product page.



cocoa beans, whole cane sugar*, cocoa butter*

*certified organic

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