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Handmade single-origin chocolate bar, in your choice of 1oz or 2oz sizes.


Tasting Notes

truffle, cream, marshmallow

Earthy, creamy, and extra dark. An almost savory experience.


Origin Story

European colonists introduced cocoa to the Dominican Republic in the 1600s, and today the country is a world leader in producing certified organic cocoa. Rizek Cacao works mostly in the northern Duarte province, where it manages sustainable farms and performs the all-important bean fermentation and drying steps.

These beans, however, come from Rizek Cacao's certified organic and fair-trade farms in the country's Monte Plata province.


Enjoy With

coffee and dark beers

finely grated, use to garnish for savory dishes like chilis, risottos, and even cheeseburgers



cocoa beans*, unrefined cane sugar* (origin: Costa Rica), cocoa butter*

*certified organic


Photo © Kah Kow

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