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Handmade single-origin chocolate bar, in your choice of 1oz or 2oz sizes.


Tasting Notes

raisin, custard, candied pineapple

Ultra smooth and gently fruity organic cocoa, presented at a lower percentage to highlight its fruit flavors.

2017 harvest out now; 2016 harvest available on request for a limited time (please add a note to your order if you'd like 2016). 2017 is weightier, with denser fruit notes; 2016 is lighter, with brighter fruit notes.


Origin Story

The cocoa in this bar comes from rainforest farms in southern and central Belize. There the Maya Mountain Cacao company collaborates with local growers to produce cocoa of exceptional flavor, sustainability, and positive economic impact at origin. It’s cocoa sourcing at its finest, and I am a proud supporter. And the good news is, as the craft chocolate industry demands more and more exceptional cocoa beans, we're seeing Maya Mountain's business model spread, creating new opportunities at origins around the globe.


Enjoy With

pinot noir, lambrusco, port, brie



cocoa beans*, unrefined cane sugar* (origin: Costa Rica), cocoa butter*

*certified organic


Origin Photo © Uncommon Cacao

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