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New Madison company makes chocolate straight from the bean (The Cap Times)


Blogs & Podcasts

Getting to know Wm. Chocolate (Kahkow Culture podcast)

Interview: Will Marx, Founder of WM Chocolate (Dame Cacao)

Wm. Chocolate - Classic Dark 70% Cacao Dominican Republic Single Origin Rum Barrel Aged (Chocolate Banquet)

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Wm. Chocolate - Dark + Coffee 70% Cacao Dominican Republic (Chocolate Banquet)

Wm. Chocolate - Classic Dark 70% Dominican Republic (Chocolate Banquet)

Wm. Chocolate - Extra Dark 85% Cacao Dominican Republic (Chocolate Banquet)

Wm. Chocolate - Haiti KAFUPBO 80% Dark (Chocolate Banquet)

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Sources For Sinfully Delicious Chocolate (Ezvid Wiki)

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Chocolate Roulette with Wm. Chocolate Bars (Time To Eat Chocolate)

Wm. Chocolate – Comparing Two Harvests of Belize (Time To Eat Chocolate)

Millennials in Chocolate Around the World: 28 Under 35 (Dame Cacao)

Y is for Yariguíes (Eating the Chocolate Alphabet)

W is for Wampusirpi (Eating the Chocolate Alphabet)

K is for Kafupbo (Eating the Chocolate Alphabet)

Wm. Chocolate – I finally try a bar made with cacao from India! (Time To Eat Chocolate)

Wm. Chocolate… With Corn! (Time To Eat Chocolate)

Interview with William Marx, Founder of Wm. Chocolate (Choco Rush)

In the thick of it - blog post & recipe for Frozen Hot Chocolate with Raspberries (Wisconsin fun next exit)

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50 States: Wisconsin – Wm Chocolate (Time To Eat Chocolate)

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