Wm. Chocolate News, May 2019: Guides to Enjoying Exceptional Dark Chocolate

Wm. Chocolate News, May 2019: Guides to Enjoying Exceptional Dark Chocolate

Posted by William on May 31st 2019

From the Blog: Guides to Enjoying Exceptional Dark Chocolate

For those of you who have recently joined the newsletter (or in case you missed them the first time around), I wanted to re-introduce resources I've prepared to help you get more from your chocolate--particularly the unusual styles.

First, there's my guide to enjoying 100% dark chocolate. 100% means pure cacao, with no sweetener. Many of you have already embraced it, and not just for baking or cooking, but for eating too.

My guide provides food and drink pairing tips along with broader musings, because 100% really does reward a fresh approach.

Wm. Chocolate 100% coffee pairing

Read the 100% Guide

Regardless of sweetness level, well-made chocolate can also exhibit a range of flavor profiles. One profile is especially curious: I call it "fruit-forward" chocolate. In essence, it's plain dark chocolate that naturally packs fruit-like flavors.

How is this possible, you might ask? As with many exceptional things, only with great care. Cacao genetics, fermentation style, roast profile, and more must come together seamlessly.

And when this special style is finally ready for us to eat, its vibrant "fruit-forward" flavors offer a dark chocolate experience unlike anything we've had before.

Visit my guide for tips on how to get the most out of fruit-forward chocolate, plus learn the secrets to tracking it down.

Wm. Chocolate with dried fruit

Read the Fruit-Forward Guide

Now Available in Janesville, WI @ The Bodacious Olive

Good news for those of you in and around Janesville: the olive oil and vinegar specialists at The Bodacious Olive are now stocking several of my bars as part of their gourmet foods collection.

Whether you're a local or if you simply find yourself passing through, I hope you'll check out their short block of shops, which includes adjoining coffee and lunch spots, all with a focus on quality fare.

The Bodacious Olive

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Monroe Street Farmers' Market - My Last Week for Spring

This Sunday, June 2 is already the last chance to catch me at the Monroe Street Farmers' Market before I shift to indoor events to beat the summer heat. The latest forecast shows perfect chocolate weather, so come stock up while you can!

The market at large will continue weekly on Sundays, 9am-1pm, through October 27.


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