Wm. Chocolate News, March 2020: Still Shipping, Sale Expanded

Wm. Chocolate News, March 2020: Still Shipping, Sale Expanded

Posted by William on Mar 30th 2020

Yes, I'm Still Shipping Online Orders

It's hard to believe how much our world has changed since my letter last month. First and foremost, I hope you and your families are doing ok.

Wm. Chocolate is very small--most of the time, just me--so I've been able to keep making chocolate without much interruption. Getting it out to you, on the other hand, has obviously become more difficult. Events are canceled, and, sadly, many of my partner stores are closed or limited in their operations.

What we do still have is the web shop. And because these are challenging times, I want to meet you in the middle on price. Therefore, I'm expanding last month's online sale to include not just case purchases but also singles of a variety of origin bars.

Sale bars are $5 per large / $3 per mini (normally $8 and $5, respectively). You can mix and match and no longer have to order by the case to get the discount. Plus, orders over $50 ship free (under for $10 flat) to anywhere in the US.

Think about it: for just a little more than you'd spend on a run-of-the-mill mass-market chocolate bar, you can enjoy something a LOT more flavorful, made with responsibly sourced whole-food ingredients.

Tap the button below to check out the sale, and many thanks for considering or sharing my offer. Your support helps keep Wm. Chocolate and small businesses like us afloat while we all hope for easier times.

Shop Sale

Wm. Chocolate Porcelana

Stay well,


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