Summer Chocolate Care Tips from Food Writer Estelle Tracy

Now that summer's warm temperatures are upon us, it's time for a refresher on how to prevent the heat from damaging your chocolate--both at home and in transit. Look no further than  this guide from food writer and chocolate expert Estelle Tracy, who has compiled some approachable tips you can use this season.

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Still have questions about caring for chocolate in summer? I'm happy to help--just  send me a message with your inquiries.

Wm. Chocolate with fruit and a cocktail

Summer Chocolate Picks

Summer is a time for enjoying bright, fresh flavors--from the garden, in your wine or cocktail glass, and even in your chocolate bar. It's true: in the hands of a skilled maker, the right cacao can be transformed into chocolate as bright and fresh as fruit from the fields. Here are two bars from my current collection whose lush, radiant expressions complement the season:

India, Anamalai - 74% Dark

Made from estate-grown cacao cultivated alongside nutmeg, peppers, and coconut trees, this bar offers tangy fruitiness, clean nuttiness, and hints of exotic spices.

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Belize, Maya Mountains - 68% Dark

A sweet, fruity dark chocolate made with cacao from certified organic smallholder farming families in the Toledo District of Belize. Exceptionally smooth and juicy.

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New Bars on the Horizon

This summer, I am once again actively chasing the next great single-origin bar--or bars, perhaps--to add to the Wm. Chocolate family. As I write, the latest test batches are grinding along and never-before-tasted chocolate is piling up for evaluation. The search may be a long one; it only stops when I pin down something truly extraordinary. And when that happens, as a reader of this newsletter, you'll be among the first to know.

In the meantime, let's savor  the bounty of chocolate that is here now. After all, every harvest is as fleeting as it is unique, and not all cacaos are available indefinitely.


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