Wm. Chocolate News, January 2021: Unique V-Day Pairing Ideas

Wm. Chocolate News, January 2021: Unique V-Day Pairing Ideas

Posted by William on Jan 31st 2021

Chocolate and Beverage Pairing Ideas for an Unconventional Valentine's Day

Wine and chocolate are great, but have you tried these less common and equally delicious pairings? A Valentine's Day at home could be the perfect opportunity to branch out, whether you're celebrating together or simply treating yourself.

Tea: warm drinks melt and supercharge chocolate's flavors, and tea is one of the best choices because it rarely overwhelms. Match strength with strength: delicate chocolates call for white or green tea, while more intense chocolates belong with black tea.

Sake: you may think of sake as a dry rice wine, but there's more to the story. Some varieties are rich, full-bodied, and sweet, pairing beautifully with chocolates from milk to dark. For the best match, look for cloudy "nigori" sake, or anything on the sweet end of the sake spectrum.

Cider: whether you like it warm or cold, alcoholic or non, cider can open up new corners of the chocolate experience. Pair your favorite form of cider with a chocolate that has a fruity component. Fruitiness could come naturally from the cacao or through an added ingredient like dried fruit.

Whichever drink you choose, I always suggest trying a sip of the beverage, then a nibble of the chocolate, and finally, before the chocolate is gone from your mouth, another sip of the beverage to wash it down. This way you're able to taste each on its own, plus both together.

Need I say, repeat until satisfied? And of course, if you're looking for good chocolate, I can help with that.

Wm. Chocolate with coffee

Virtual Tastings are Here to Stay

As I mentioned last month, I'll continue to offer virtual tastings for the foreseeable future.

Have a small group? That's ok--tastings don't have to be large for me to join you. And there's no extra cost for the experience, just the price of the chocolate itself.

No need to be intimidated, either. My job is to entertain and guide, not to say you're doing chocolate wrong!

For more info, visit the Virtual Tasting page or send me a message.

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Store Updates

New places to find Wm. Chocolate.

Star Liquor in Madison, WI (back in stock)

Red Square Flowers in Madison, WI

Forage Kitchen Hilldale in Madison, WI

Forage Kitchen Monona in Monona, WI

The complete list lives here. For questions about who has what, please contact me or stores directly.



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