Wm. Chocolate News, January 2020: Dark + Coffee Bar Out Now

Wm. Chocolate News, January 2020: Dark + Coffee Bar Out Now

Posted by William on Jan 31st 2020

New Bar: Dark + Coffee

The name says it all: 70% dark chocolate with crunchy coffee bean pieces stirred right in.

70% may sound rather dark to pair with coffee, but trust me--there's plenty of natural sweetness in the top-notch Honduran cacao used in this bar. If you've tasted my sea salt and 100% bars, this is the very same cacao.

So, you can enjoy the classic coffee + chocolate combination while taking it easier on the sugar. And as always, the sugar that is in the bar is as minimally processed as possible.

For the coffee, I'm reducing transport miles by keeping things closer to home: organic beans from Mexico, roasted here in Madison at Just Coffee.

Wm. Chocolate Dark + Coffee

Available now at the web shop, and you can already find some at a handful of my partner stores in the Madison area: Conscious Carnivore, The Heights, Good Day Shop, and Yahara Chocolate, to be exact, with more to come.

Dark + Coffee

In Business Madison Profiles Wm. Chocolate

Wm. Chocolate was featured in the January issue of In Business magazine, and you can check it out online!

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Garden Expo on February 9

Find me at PBS Wisconsin's annual Garden Expo on Sunday, February 9. I'll have chocolate available for sampling and purchase in the Farmers' Market area of the expo, which bills itself as "a midwinter oasis for people ready to venture out and dig their hands in the dirt."

Of course, chocolate is very much an agricultural product, with potential to change based on genetics, growing conditions, and more, just like anything else in the garden. Part of my job is to remind us of that natural diversity by making chocolate in a way that highlights it.

This will also be your first chance to sample the coffee bar and a few other new items I am working on...hope to see some of you there!


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