Wm. Chocolate News, December 2018: Thank You for Backing Flavor & Fairness in 2018

Wm. Chocolate News, December 2018: Thank You for Backing Flavor & Fairness in 2018

Posted by William on Dec 31st 2018

Thank You for 2018

I really mean it--your interest and support make my work both possible and rewarding. Creating chocolate that is more flavorful and more fair is my passion, but I can't do it without you! Whether you've purchased dozens of chocolate bars or simply signed up for this mailing list, you're helping to fuel real progress, including:

Higher farmer incomes, through premiums paid for flavorful, specialty-grade cacao and cane sugar. For example, last year, the farmers growing the cacao in my Belize Maya Mountains bar received an incredible 168% more than the global commodity price for their exceptional beans.

Preservation of heirloom cacao varietals, by enjoying chocolate bars that feature their unique stories and flavors (notably, this fall's new Porcelana bar).

Reduced agricultural damage to the environment, through supporting small farms that nurture their cacao trees with natural techniques, such as intercropping, rather than with aggressive chemical interventions.

Reduced landfill waste, thanks to a non-negotiable commitment to recyclable packaging and shipping materials, and your help getting those materials into the recycle bin when disposal time comes.

Reduced consumption of refined sugars and other processed additives, by committing to whole-food ingredients, especially unrefined sweeteners (for more on unrefined sweeteners, get to know my sourcing partner Origin Sugar Company).

With all of that in mind, please enjoy the chocolate--and feel good about it too! And I'd be grateful if you would please keep spreading the word, so that we can keep making progress together.

Upcoming Events

Saturdays, 8am-12pm, through 2/23MadWest Winter Farmers' Markets @ Lussier Community Education Center (Madison, WI)

Breakfast is available at the market, and it's one of the best-kept secrets in town: think hearty portions made with ingredients from the market, for (often well) under $10 a plate. Come take advantage of the breakfast and shop for microgreens, winter produce, eggs, cheese, pasture-raised meat, bakery, chocolate, and more, all in one stop.

January 26-27re:Craft & Relic @ Milwaukee County Sports Complex (Milwaukee, WI)

Updates to the events lineup will be posted here.

Scotch Collaborations

In partnership with Average Scotch Guy and a handful of distilleries, I've been making a series of experimental single-malt-Scotch-steeped single-origin chocolate bars this winter: 5 different bottles paired with 5 different cacao origins, to be exact.

Before you ask, no, these won't be for sale--they were given away via a contest on Instagram. To keep up with this kind of thing in the future, though, please do follow me on Instagram if you use it. I limit these newsletters to once per month because we all get a little too much email, but on Instagram (and Facebook) I provide timely, unobtrusive updates that you can access as you please.

So, even if you can't get the bars (just yet, at least--we'll see where this goes), here's a photo from the Scotch project as my way of raising a chocolate-topped glass to the New Year:

India + Balvenie 15 Sherry

Thank you again for the support this year, and may good things find us all in the next one,


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